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Platinum element symbol

platinum element symbol

Properties, sources and uses of the element platinum. Atomic symbol (on the periodic table of elements): Pt ; Atomic weight (average mass of. Name: Platinum Symbol: Pt Atomic Number: Atomic Mass: amu. Melting Point: °C ( K, °F) Boiling Point: °C ( K  Symbol ‎: ‎Pt. Platinum is one of the elements which has an alchemical symbol, shown below (right, {{floatR}} alchemical symbol of platinum {{/floatR}} alchemy is an ancient.

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Platinum's chemical legacy goes far beyond medicinal chemistry. Johnson Matthey perfected the techniques of separating and refining the platinum group metals and in Matthey produced a standard metre measure made of a platinum and iridium alloy. We welcome your feedback. Platinum is used in catalytic converters , laboratory equipment, electrical contacts and electrodes , platinum resistance thermometers , dentistry equipment, and jewelry. There is anecdotal evidence of gold mines being abandoned due to platinum contamination. Large platinum deposits are present in the state of Tamil Nadu , India. PtAs 2 , and as end alloys with nickel or copper.

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As platinum is a catalyst in the manufacture of the silicone rubber and gel components of several types of medical implants breast implants, joint replacement prosthetics, artificial lumbar discs, vascular access ports, etc. In , chromites were identified in the Bushveld region of South Africa, followed by the discovery of platinum in It is a dense , malleable , ductile , highly unreactive, precious , gray-white transition metal. Editor's Recommendations What is an Atom? And although the use of refined platinum in cancer drugs is beneficial to many, those who work on platinum mines do have to be careful because inhaling or coming into direct contact with platinum salts created from the purifying process and prior to being melted into metal can have the opposite effect by potentially causing adverse health affects such as allergic reactions, damage to internal organs, or even cancer, according to CancerTreatment. Transition Metal Crystal Structure: platinum element symbol


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